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Get Credit For Work You’re Already Doing

You are committed to taking care of your cattle. No one does it better. From health, nutrition and environmental stewardship to record keeping, worker safety and planning, you do it all. Get credit for your work with BQA certification or an equivalent program. Just be sure to come back to this webpage and tell us that you’re certified so we can share a stronger animal welfare story with our Certified Angus Beef partners.

Lay it on the table

Why Certified Angus Beef cares

We care about BQA because our partners and customers care about animal welfare. Of the 51% of consumers who have concerns about beef production, their greatest concern is animal welfare, compared to concerns about environmental impacts, antibiotic use, or hormones.[1] Consumers generally trust beef producers, but in an age where consumer trust is eroding, they want proof.

For cattlemen and women who are raising beef to higher standards, becoming BQA certified is an easy, effective way to get credit for the care you’re already giving your livestock. BQA or equivalent programs verify your commitment to consumers. That’s why Certified Angus Beef is sharing your story to build stronger beef demand and increase consumer trust

It’s A Tool For Truth

You’ve been hearing for years that you just need to tell your story to earn the consumer’s trust—easier said than done, in most cases. We get it. This is why Certified Angus Beef is using BQA or equivalent certifications to tell a stronger story about cattle care on your behalf and cut through all the noise that’s out there. We can use your good practices to share the truth and connect on a deeper level with our partners, including restaurants, grocery stores, chefs, and consumers.

Consumers Trust Certificates

BQA certification is the best way to address the consumer’s desire for beef produced with the utmost attention to care. When consumers learn about BQA, their trust in animal welfare increases. In one study, only 44% of consumers surveyed had positive or strongly positive perceptions about how cattle are raised prior to learning about the BQA program. That figure rose to 70% after being exposed to the program.

You Just Want To Get Back To Work

Time is your most valuable possession. Becoming BQA certified is easy and free. It is worth the four hours it takes as an investment in your livelihood that verifies to the world that you’re doing the right thing and so you can keep doing what you do best.

BQA Covers More Than Just The Basics

BQA is a well-rounded, broad course with numerous key practices packed into each module. Topics include biosecurity, cattle care, emergency action planning, environmental stewardship, herd health, nutrition, record keeping, transportation, and worker safety.

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[1] Consumer Beef Tracker, Jan-Dec 2021